Indian Summer Morning

The weather has been so balmy the last few days, I almost felt a twang of guilt reading about North Dakota‘s cold snap. As I opened the door to the screen and sat down at the kitchen table to enjoy my coffee and newspaper – yeah, I know, sounds old-school, but I still love printed matter in front of me sometimes instead of a computer screen or phone, I read how North Dakota was suffering an arctic winter chill with temperatures hovering around 60 below zero! Wow! What a difference a little over 1,000 miles can make!
I was already appreciating the balmy weather, but now I was full-on relishing it!

As I watched my dog stretch out on the warm concrete of the patio, I knew I was right where my spirit needed to be. I think better and feel calmer when the elements are not an extreme factor. I like being in a place where I can go pick up the paper in my flip flops, and I find it hard to conceive of living in conditions where I’d watch my spit freeze before it could hit the ground! Now some would say Charleston, SC, DOES have extremes in the summer, and they’d be right. But the good news about watching the temperature climb into the 3 digits in July is that there’s a big beautiful ocean in which to swim, a live oak tree to sit under and a glass of iced tea to sip.

And so, on this incredible Indian summer day, I made another pot of coffee, put soft jazz on the outdoor speakers, calmed the neighbor dogs by giving each a dog treat and a pat on the head, got out my crafting box and headed to the patio table on the deck to work. I always have several ongoing projects to choose from when the opportunity presents itself. Today, I decided it was gluing colored glass onto a glass box into which I would install a string of lights to create a new holiday decoration. It is calming to me to look for the exact right color and shape of each bit of glass and then to watch the design grow as time goes by unchecked. I’d take out a fragment of colored pane, hold it up to the morning sun to decide if the shape was right for the space I saw. If so, I applied a bit of glue, and, Voila! I put it in place and continued with my collage of color! By the time I felt somewhat hungry, I looked at my watch and discovered I had been working for over 5 hours! To me there is no meditation quite as fulfilling as crafting. Most of our world consists of schedules, clocks and deadlines. But crafting demands nothing more than patience, a bit of inspiration and the desire to make something beautiful. Many frantic days at a regular desk job have ended with nothing to show except a case of nerves and a need for the closest happy hour. But crafting provides a tangible reward for all our hard work. Some projects turn out better than others, for sure. But, crafting certainly is about the journey as much as the destination, and that is where the joy comes from.

Take the time to feed your creative energy, renew your spirit and get away from the grind.  Through a hands-on creation, get back in touch with your inner child. Peace be with you.